Meet our Teachers


At Brighton International Academy, our commitment to providing
quality education is upheld by a dedicated and experienced
management team. Our team is comprised of individuals who
bring a wealth of expertise and passion for education.
We are proud to have a management team that is committed to
the success and growth of Brighton International Academy. Each
member brings a unique set of skills and experiences that
contribute to our mission of providing a nurturing and challenging
educational environment for our students.
Asma Abdelmagid
Value And Activity Coordinator
Ms.Masooda Ali
Science Coordinator
Ms. Fateema Mohamed Abdulmonem Ahmed Negm
Rehana Mahmoud Bawazir
Ms.Hend Al Ahmed Albaik
Arabic Coordinator

Senior Leadership Team

Title Name Qualifications
Principal Ms. Eman Helmi Omar
Admin Coordinator Ms. Mona Qasim
Academic Coordinator Ms. Rubita
Math coordinator Ms. Rehana
English Coordinator Ms. Fateema Najm
Compulsory Subjects coordinator Ms. Hind Khattab
Science Coordinator Ms. Masooda
Head of EYFS Department Ms. Wasila Abby
Social Worker Ms. Amani Elshik


Raz-Kids is an award-winning teaching product that provides comprehensive leveled reading resources for students. With hundreds of eBooks offered at 29 different levels of reading difficulty, it’s easy to put the right content in every student’s hands.

  1. Orientation: Introduce students to Raz-Kids, explaining how to navigate the platform.
  2. Assessment: Use Raz-Kids tools to determine students’ reading levels for personalized learning.
  3. Goal Setting: Encourage students to set weekly reading goals for motivation.
  4. Progress Monitoring: Track individual progress and adjust support as needed.
  5. Integration: Tie Raz-Kids into your overall English curriculum for a cohesive learning experience.
  6. Parental Involvement: Keep parents informed and provide resources for home support.
  7. Celebration: Recognize and celebrate students’ achievements regularly.
  8. Check-ins: Schedule periodic discussions to address challenges and provide additional support.
  9. Variety: Encourage students to explore diverse genres and topics available on Raz-Kids.
  10. Feedback: Foster a culture of feedback and reflection to enhance the learning experience.

We suggest all our guest to visit the school during school hours which are from 7am – 2pm Sunday -Thursday.

Private yet affordable elementary school offering a stimulating curriculum and a supportive environment.